12 free tips for Nokia Symbian Smartphones

12 free tips for Symbian based smartphones. Squeeze more life of your Symbian smartphone with 12 great tips. Reading more Free Nokia Tips and Tricks for Nokia symbian smartphone 5800, N97 mini, Nokia S60, E71 or E63!Symbian Smartphone Folder Rename

Rename away

The folders on any S60 device aren’t set in stone. You may already know how to move application icons between folders, but you may also want to rename the folders themselves. For example, “Music” might become “Media”, or you might want to have “Puzzle games” plus “Action games”. Use “Options>Rename” on the main menu.

Home screen shortcuts

Did you know that the home screen on the Nokia 5800 contains more shortcuts than are immediately obvious? Tap on the time to get the Clock application; tap on the date to get access to Calendar, plus a choice of profiles; tap on the battery bar corner to bring up status shortcuts (Bluetooth/connectivity etc).

symbian smartphone touch calibration
symbian smartphone touch calibration

Touch calibration

If your touch inputs on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic or N97 start to wander, you can of course recalibrate the touchscreen, just as for any PDA. The trick is to go into “Settings>Phone>Touch input” and scroll right to the bottom of the dialog. Choose ‘Touch screen calibration’ and then follow the prompts.

PC, Mac and Restarts

If you experience trouble connecting your S60 phone to a Windows PC or Mac in “PC Suite” mode, the first thing to try is restarting the computer (if PC Suite and Windows) or the phone (if Nokia Multimedia Transfer and a Mac, which tends to be a lot more stable). If this still doesn’t work, try restarting both!

Symbian Smartphone Music BuyRemember your store-bought music

When considering whether to upgrade your smartphone’s firmware, in addition to the usual backup/sync precautions, don’t forget about your Nokia Music Store tracks. The license to play them may get zapped as part of the upgrade. So sync your music using PC Suite, ready for syncing again after the update. If all else fails, you can usually download the tracks again for free.

Sticky Function key

Did you know that on the Nokia E71 and E63, a quick double press on the bottom left function key locks it, so that every subsequent keypress is “functioned”? The concept is similar to CAPS lock and can be handy when having to input complicated combinations of characters.Symbian Smartphone Home screen shortcuts

Back to a traditional home screen

When you get the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, the default “Home screen” has four customisable contact slots. These work up to a point, though filling in a contact’s RSS feeds is fiddly. But if you’re hankering after a traditional ‘shortcuts’-based screen then head for “Settings>Personal>Home screen>Home screen theme” and change it back!

Turning contacts search back on again

If the contact quick-searching feature on your Nokia E71 or E63 home screens ever stops working, it’ll be because you turned it off by accident. Yet the setting to turn this on again isn’t obvious. Start typing on the home screen and then, and only then, hit “Options”, where you’ll see “Contact search on” (or “off”).

The really quick menuSymbian Smartphone quick menu

The “Options” menu is prominent in all S60 applications, of course. But don’t forget that you can save time and keypresses in most situations by simply pressing in the d-pad. With an item highlighted, the most common Options actions are presented immediately.

More than 10 saved radio stationssymbian smartphone radio stations

In Radio on each S60 phone, did you know that you can save more than ten presets? To “save stations” on two-digit slots (i.e. 10 and over), quickly press the first digit followed by a “press and hold” on the second digit. You’ll then be prompted for a text name, as usual.

No application menus needed

On the Nokia E71 and E63, the hardware buttons and twin (‘mode’) standby screens mean that you can avoid the S60 app menus completely if you choose your standby applications carefully. See the long “Tools>Settings>General>Personalisation>Home screen>Mode settings>Home screen>Application shortcuts”. Phew!

Kill data!Symbian Smartphone Kill Data

We’ve all been there. An application on our S60 phone has gone online and we’re not 100% sure which one’s still clocking up the bytes. Rather than shut everything down manually, one by one, go to the standby screen and press and hold the ‘Red’ (hangup) button. This will offer to kill any active 3G data connections.

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