New Nokia X3 Touch and slider phone Price

Nokia X3 is an inexpensive slide-design music phone

The Nokia X3 is an inexpensive touchscreeen slide-design music phone. It has a good music player, FM radio, memory card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo speakers. It also comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and has good battery life, but is let down by a poor quality keypad. I think we should just be glad that there are companies out there that try to suit everyones needs. The Touch will run Nokia’s S40 UI. This product is selling at a price in-line with its capabilities and what you'd … [Read more...]

Upcoming T-Mobile Nokia E73 Phone USA with Ovi Maps

T-Mobile Nokia E73 Cell Phone Picture

Upcoming T-Mobile Nokia E73 Phone with Ovi Maps free navigation. Nokia E73 Mode for T-Mobile USA goes official this month, looks like E72. The new T-Mobile Nokia E73 cell phone add T-Mobile’s AWS bands, and UMA-support for WLAN calling. As for the E73, I hope it is better than the E72. Always nice to be able to update the device OTA rather than have to deal with cables and downloads. As a rep the more phones the better. It gives the customer more choices. S60 is what 50% of smartphones in the … [Read more...]

Nokia C7 8MP camera Smartphone at cheap price

Nokia C7 cell phone photos

Nokia C7 with 8MP camera – New Nokia cell phones at cheap price. The new Nokia C7 cell phone looks nice and if this is Nokia quality 8 megapixel camera, that sounds great too. Nokia you have finally changed from 5 mega-pixel camera mobiles to 8 mega-pixel,the C7 looks very good indeed an nice an slim at last from Nokia, I think this phone is consider to be a low or middle budget. if the price is low than it will be a good device for not so developed countries. New Cell Phones 2010 – New … [Read more...]

Nokia N8 Smartphone with HDMI port and free Ovi Maps

Nokia N8 cell phone with HDMI port

Nokia N8 Smartphone with HDMI port and big screen for free Ovi Maps, Nokia N8 cell phone has a bigger screen for free Ovi Maps, 3.50 inches capacitive touchscreen display and HDMI port. The Nokia N8 cell phone looks really sweet. aluminium and glas doing very well, it feels really expensive! that would be an odd design choice given the anodized aluminum shell. Also included in the Nokia N8: dolby digital plus surround sound! Aside from the small home button, that thing looks nice. Seems like … [Read more...]

Microsoft and Nokia co-launch Microsoft Communicator Mobile

Microsoft and Nokia co-launch Microsoft Communicator Mobile

Microsoft and Nokia co-launch Microsoft Communicator Mobile. Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up and debuted the Microsoft Communicator Mobile application, the first of perhaps many solutions to be produced from this partnership. Communicator Mobile is essentially an instant messaging system directed toward a business-minded consumer group. The system can connect directly to a company’s communications system, allowing colleagues to communicate with each other easily via IM. Users can also … [Read more...]

Hands-on Pictures of Nokia N8 Prototype


Here are some hands-on pics of the Nokia N8 Prototype called C-0. Sharing the photos of Nokia N8 cell phone. It looks the phone is running some early software but the hardware seems final. The phone has just one menu button on the front which might double up as a notification light. There is support from Multiple pages on the homescreen, The browser supports pinch and zoom which is welcome. The music player has a new Cover FlowCover Flow feature which looks interesting. The N8 is 1mm1mm … [Read more...]