Nokia X7 Smartphone Price in USA and Release Date

Nokia X7 Smartphone Won’t Come To AT&T, which causes additional setbacks for it as it looks to make its mark in the U.S. market. Nokia X7 Smartphone Price in USA and Release Date is still uncertain. We will focus to report soon.

The Espoo, a company based in Finland will debut the X7, which works on Nokia’s Symbian operating system in its other markets. It may still be sold in the U.S. without carrier subsidies, just like some of the other Nokia phones.

Nokia X7 Smartphone photoSome of the announcements seem to say Nokia didn’t think the phone would get sufficient marketing and subsidization from AT&T, but some suggest Nokia just wanted to cancel the X7 handset phone.

Nokia said that it was well known that it was trying to get back on top in the U.S. market and that it was actively talking with their partners to form the strategy to do so. Therefore, the next couple of months may end up being vital for Nokia.

A financial statement is due to come out that will show how Nokia’s high end phones did during the holiday timeframe and their incoming chief executive Stephen Elop is expected to talk about their new smart phone strategy.

Nokia is still tops in the amount of phones sold in the U.S., but its smart phones cling to an ever smaller part of the U.S. market, which is dominated by Apple’s iPhone, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry units and the phones that use Google’s Android system from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and other companies.

Nokia’s existing flagship phone, the N8, is at the moment not sold by any major U.S. mobile carrier and is sold for $470 if its bought right from Nokia, and that makes it cost more than the ones subsidized by its competitors.

Nokia’s smart phone operating system, Symbian, has also not found its place amongst developers. Since whether or not a smart phone succeeds depends on whether or not its supported by the developers with compelling apps, the more time Nokia stays isolated from the U.S. developer community, the more difficult it will be to be on part with its competitor operating systems that are already popular. They are expected to put out a new smart phone platform called MeeGo in a few months.

Cancelling the Nokia X7 from AT&T’s smart phone list isn’t the only thing that shows Nokia is failing to keep the interest of its customer base. This week it also said that it was ending its Unlimited Music subscription service in the majority of its markets since there wasn’t much of an interest by its customers for the service.

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