Nokia E7 Business Symbian Smartphone Full-tech Reviews

Nokia's E7 is a fantastic looking QWERTY keyboard equipped smartphone for business users.

The recently released smartphone by Nokia which uses the Symbian Operating System, the Nokia E7, is the latest Communicator in this distinguished series. With a beautiful and innovative design, the phone competes with some of the smartest designed phones like iPhone 4, HTC Desire S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. With Nokia Eseries, business is always a cliché. It just makes you feel right, giving you easy access to your email accounts, allowing you to create, edit and share office docs and … [Read more...]

Nokia Sun Mobile with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Leaked

New Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset photos leaked

The new coming Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset, Nokia Sun cell phone will have a 3.7 AMOLED screen, I hope there will be some awesome Windows Phones out then to choose. A nokia with an Amoled screen and a great quality camera might be the best wp7 choice, and a nice choice all around. Nokia Sun key features: – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango – 3.7-inch AMOLED screen – 1.4Ghz Processor – 8-megapixel camera – unibody polycarbonate case – 16GB of storage – microSD card The … [Read more...]

New T-Mobile Nokia Astound C7 touchscreen cell phones

New T-Mobile Nokia Astound C7 cell phone photos

The new T-Mobile Nokia Astound cell phone a.k.a C7. It has the best touchscreen and 8 megapixel camera I saw on a nokia, sits well in the hand, looks nice and the camera isn’t bad either, the 8 megapixel camera with 720p recording, comes with angry birds, ovi store, free GPS, full browser with flash-lite,capacitive display, and is set up for multiple customizable screens like an android phone. It also has a VGA front facing camera for video calls. The Nokia Astound C7 cell phone display is … [Read more...]

Nokia X7 Smartphone Price in USA and Release Date

Nokia X7 Smartphone photo

Nokia X7 Smartphone Won't Come To AT&T, which causes additional setbacks for it as it looks to make its mark in the U.S. market. Nokia X7 Smartphone Price in USA and Release Date is still uncertain. We will focus to report soon. The Espoo, a company based in Finland will debut the X7, which works on Nokia’s Symbian operating system in its other markets. It may still be sold in the U.S. without carrier subsidies, just like some of the other Nokia phones. Some of the announcements … [Read more...]

Nokia N97 vs Nokia N900

Nokia N97 and Nokia N900, both are superb gadgets and have their own class and exciting deals with some really exciting gifts. ONSLUNDA, Sweden - With the announcement of the upcoming Nokia N900, speculations and opinions are running wild on whether this device will replace the Nokia N97 model just a few months after it was released. The N900 will be showcased at the Nokia World, starting tomorrow, but below is an overview of the similarities and differences between the models known so … [Read more...]

Microsoft Debuts Communications Hub for Nokia Phones

Microsoft Debuts Communications Hub for Nokia Phones

Microsoft Debuts Communications Hub for Nokia Phones. Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia lets businessfolk quickly see which of their contacts are available and choose the best way to reach them. Back in August of last year, Microsoft and Nokia inked an alliance which has the Redmond software giant actually working on software that runs on Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system…particularly to tie Symbian devices aimed at the enterprise market more tightly with Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

Upcoming T-Mobile Nokia E73 Phone USA with Ovi Maps

T-Mobile Nokia E73 Cell Phone Picture

Upcoming T-Mobile Nokia E73 Phone with Ovi Maps free navigation. Nokia E73 Mode for T-Mobile USA goes official this month, looks like E72. The new T-Mobile Nokia E73 cell phone add T-Mobile’s AWS bands, and UMA-support for WLAN calling. As for the E73, I hope it is better than the E72. Always nice to be able to update the device OTA rather than have to deal with cables and downloads. As a rep the more phones the better. It gives the customer more choices. S60 is what 50% of smartphones in the … [Read more...]

Nokia C7 8MP camera Smartphone at cheap price

Nokia C7 cell phone photos

Nokia C7 with 8MP camera – New Nokia cell phones at cheap price. The new Nokia C7 cell phone looks nice and if this is Nokia quality 8 megapixel camera, that sounds great too. Nokia you have finally changed from 5 mega-pixel camera mobiles to 8 mega-pixel,the C7 looks very good indeed an nice an slim at last from Nokia, I think this phone is consider to be a low or middle budget. if the price is low than it will be a good device for not so developed countries. New Cell Phones 2010 – New … [Read more...]

Nokia N8 Smartphone with HDMI port and free Ovi Maps

Nokia N8 cell phone with HDMI port

Nokia N8 Smartphone with HDMI port and big screen for free Ovi Maps, Nokia N8 cell phone has a bigger screen for free Ovi Maps, 3.50 inches capacitive touchscreen display and HDMI port. The Nokia N8 cell phone looks really sweet. aluminium and glas doing very well, it feels really expensive! that would be an odd design choice given the anodized aluminum shell. Also included in the Nokia N8: dolby digital plus surround sound! Aside from the small home button, that thing looks nice. Seems like … [Read more...]

Official Sites for Nokia Software Updater Free Download

Top Websites for Nokia Software Updater, wherever you are, you can download Nokia Software Updater, Nokia mobile phone consumer user manual for free. Official Sites for Nokia Software Updater Free Download. Nokia Software Updater is a Windows based application from Nokia that enables customers to update their mobile device firmware of a recent Series 40 or S60 device from any Internet enabled access point. The full list of … [Read more...]